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Antique oil painting  Rooster Rock

Antique oil painting Rooster Rock

41.25 inch x61.25 inch

Super Big and Heavy.


The famous "Rooster Rock" is located on the Columbia River, the state of Oregon, USA. Offering a scenic vista as well as sunbathing, boating, fishing, disc golf and windsurfing. Camping is not allowed on Sand Island or at Rooster Rock State Park.  



鸡公岩(Rooster Rock)位于美国俄勒冈州的哥伦比亚河(Columbia River)上,这里是美国西部最早的探险者发掘的名胜之一。风景秀丽,鸡公岩公园内可以日光浴,划船,钓鱼,高尔夫球和风帆冲浪。但不允许露营。


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