French naive school painting of Paris opera house circa 1950's

French naive school painting of Paris opera house circa 1950's

Oil on canvas,

18inchx22inch (45cm x 55cm )

Framed   23 1/2" by 27 1/2" (60cm x 70cm)


The subject the famous Paris opera house and the Cafe de la Paix at left, executed in the naive style of painters like Emile Blondel, Leon-Alphonse Quizet, and so forth, apparently unsigned, though the word "Lancel" on an awning could possibly be the artist's name. The painting dates to the post war period, likely the 1950's or early 1960's at latest, considering the style of the autos in the scene. The artist most definitely had a command of oil painting and the naive style. Colors are impressionistic and light, composition is well though out, and the attention to detail in the figures and cars and architecture is most impressive. All in all the work is very accomplished and would most likely please the most fussy Francophile. CONDITION: Excellent, though I note how the artist himself or herself apparently nailed the canvas to the stretcher through the front side, then painted over the nail heads. I count roughly 12 nail heads, painted over, around the edges of the painting. See photos of several of them in the upper right corner. These are easily overlooked from any normal viewing distance. There is a tiny paint loss at upper left edge in the building.


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