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Customized Oil Painting 

genuine hand-painted
oil painting

Amazing gift 4 you

Unique Design 

    Creative painting is an art piece where art and soul are intertwined.

​​    Now you have a chance to draw an oil painting for your beloved ones, for the whole family, for your pet, for yourself, for a precious moment, for anything you like.

​    The oil painting creation we are providing is not just a copy or an enlargement of a photo, but using art to show your unique precious memories, beautiful scenes, and even a happy virtual imaginary. 

​Operating procedures: 

     1 You pay for the painting after selecting the size

     2 We will email you to confirm the payment.


     3 Attach a high-definition picture that you want to draw in your replying email with an explanation of your design. For example, choose horizontal or vertical version, describe your thoughts on custom designs, etc. If you want to draw characters or figures of animals, our standard fee is up to 4 characters or animals. If you need more figures, we can negotiate with you for

      4  A few creative examples: you can change the  background, you can add anthropomorphic clothing to your pet to make him/her into a movie star, you can add some special signs and symbols that are meaningful to you, and so on.​

      5  After communicating with you, we will make a rough  
draft, and email to you to confirm. Our design can be modified twice. Please understand our understanding of the differences between language descriptions and the artist's own style of creation.

      6  If you are still dissatisfied with our creativity after two designs, we promise a 100% refund. But once you confirm the design, we will no longer accept design changes and refunds.

      7  Our painters will complete your customization with 100% hand-painted oil painting on canvas. The painting usually will be completed in about 25-30 days. Please understand the  characteristics of hand-painted painting and the drying time. We do not accept expedited services.


    We look forward to cooperating with you if you agree to the above terms. This is not an ordinary commodity sale, but a unique creation combining art and spirit.

​​    Thank you for your trust and the resonance of art. We will complete every entrustment with our heart. Hope that MoxoII's paintings bring you a beautiful time of art.


Customized painting*
16"x20"            $299.00

20"x24"           $350.00

24"x30"           $380.00

30"x40"           $450.00 

36"x48"           $580.00

48"x72"           $750.00

Other size    Get a free quote

horizontal & Vertical 
1-4 people or pet

please provide the picture clear.


100% Money Back Guarantee + FREE Shipping!

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