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Elan Yang 

Born into a family of artists across two generations on the maternal side and of avid lovers of nature and photography on the paternal side, Elan started to immerse in an artistic life since a very early age. Elan paints every day and she plays the piano too. When she gets shy, she often finds herself curled up in the couch watching episodes of My Little Pony. Her motto is “make life full of art and happiness”, apparently conveyed down the lineage by her mom. Elan enjoys nothing more than her mom’s company and together they have completed many cute little projects. When the time comes, as a mentor and a proud curator, the mom took Elan on her first Metropolitan trip to New York City, which winded up in this beautiful book with Elan’s colorful and adorable idiosyncratic depiction of her impression of the city, the people and the art. We invite you to join us on this trip as well as future ones. Life’s journey goes on and as Elan’s motto aspires, it’ll be full of art and happiness.

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<Painting New York with Elan>
Hardcover – May 10, 2019

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