Antique American 19th century painting of seated man playing a flute

Antique American 19th century painting of seated man playing a flute

20" by 24" (50cm x 60cm)


28" by 32 1/2" (70cm x 80cm)


An old and antique American painting of a seated young man playing a flute in a vaguely defined .
The talented artist remains anonymous but was obviously talented and probably listed. Note the mantel clock at left and elegant European-style table and chair. Over the years the painting has darkened dramatically, taking on a yellow-brown cast due to decades of grime and smoke. A test cleaning by a restorer shows the white of the lower leg/ankle area. There is a smell of heavy cigarette smoke. The buyer should plan to have this professionally cleaned, which would no doubt transform it. There is some alligatoring of the paint in the cheeks.


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