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Bearbrick Series 2 Artist Mori Chack Chax GLOOMY BEAR 100% be@rbrick 2001

Bearbrick Series 2 Artist Mori Chack Chax GLOOMY BEAR 100% be@rbrick 2001

【Condition】Used: An item that has been used previously. 

【Convention/Event】     Medicom Anniversary Skytree

【Animation Studio】      Chax

【Movie】     Gloomy Bear

【Character】    Bearbrick, Be@rbrick, Gloomy Bear, Mori Chack, CHAX

【Color】   Multicolor

【Year Manufactured】     2001

【Material】    ABS Plastic

【Scale】    100%

【Franchise】    Bearbrick

【Animal Species】    Bear

【TV Show】    Be@rbrick

【Vintage】    Yes

【Brand】   Medicom Toy

【Series】   Bearbrick

【Type】     Art Toy

【Item Height】    70 mm

【Model】     Bearbrick

【Theme】    Designer & Urban Vinyl

【Features】    1st Edition, Collector's Edition, Exclusive, Special Edition, Chase

【Featured Person/Artist】      Bearbrick, Gloomy Bear, Mori Chack, Chax

【Time Period Manufactured】    2000-2009

【UPC】     4530956240022


Super early 100% medicom toy Bearbrick s2 2001

Be@rbrick series 2 chax gloomy bear by Mori Chack vintage 2001


Mori Chakku, is the artist name of a Japanese graphic designer, who was born in Sakai, Osaka, Japan. He is famous for his Chax product line, and especially the character Gloomy Bear, a 2 m tall, violent, pink bear that eats humans. Created in 2000, the design is an antithesis to the excessively cute products produced by Disney, Sanrio, and other companies. Mori Chack believes that humans and animals are incompatible, and an animal is wild by nature. This is expressed most pronouncedly by the Gloomy Bear, which is often shown blood stained and attacking humans.


Comes without card or box


Medicom toy Bearbrick is displayed condition (please check all photos as some packaging can have wear and tear, minor issues due to age) please check all photos, this is a 20 + year old toy. Sold as is

I do not accept returns, this is a 20 year old toy and has signs of wear. Photos are indoor and outdoor lighting, if you do not understand the nature of vintage, displayed toys, please examine all photos and decide if this is an item in condition acceptable to you.


超早期 100% Medicom 玩具 Bearbrick s2 2001

Be@rbrick 系列 2 Chax 忧郁熊 by Mori Chack 复古 2001 年

Mori Chakku,是一位日本平面设计师的艺术家名字,出生于日本大阪堺市。 他因其 Chax 产品系列而闻名,尤其是角色 Gloomy Bear,这是一只 2 米高、暴力、吃人的粉红色熊。 该设计创建于 2000 年,与迪士尼、三丽鸥和其他公司生产的过于可爱的产品形成鲜明对比。 森·查克认为,人类和动物是不相容的,动物的本性是野性的。 忧郁熊的表现最为明显,它经常被表现得浑身是血并攻击人类。


Medicom 玩具 Bearbrick 的展示状况(请检查所有照片,因为某些包装可能有磨损,以及因年龄而出现的小问题)请检查所有照片,这是一个 20 多年的玩具。 按原样出售

我不接受退货,这是一个 20 年的玩具,有磨损迹象。 照片是室内和室外照明的,如果您不了解古董、展示玩具的性质,请检查所有照片并确定这是否是您可以接受的状况的物品。

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